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Group lesson

Save money and have fun with your friends

If you don’t want to use your own home then we can suggest venues

Face to face group lessons need a venue with accessible Wifi and a reasonable mobile phone signal.

If that’s not your house, we can suggest venues and help you fix on a time to suit everyone in your group. You can book a one-off session to see if you like it, or a set of lessons.

Or try a “webinar” – a lesson where you log in over the Internet from your home and you can talk to and see each other and the teacher. These work best if you connect in using a computer but if your Internet is very slow or your computer more than four years old, it may not work.

  • Two to four people face-to-face €35 per person
  • Five people face to face €30 each
  • Webinar for five people €20 each
  • Demonstration session (eg for a local group or society) €60 for one hour

Note: costs listed do not include any venue costs.

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