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Get gentle and effective help with your tech

  • Friendly support without the wait
  • Lessons in your home, with your stuff,
    when it suits you
  • Get real value in your life from your gadgets
  • Independence at home with assistive
  • Safe data backup and trouble-free updates
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Making it work

Installation and testing

Patient teaching

The key to success

WiFi and websites

Speed things up

Get assessed – find out more

There are lots of ways tech can help you and an assessment can spell it out. Save money and stay independent with flexible solutions:
– Remote control of fans, doors, TV, radio, lights, blinds
– Communication help: easy phones and video calls
– Falls detection
– Memory aids: reminders, drug dispensers
– Inexpensive, private WiFi cameras to spot a problem remotely
– Location trackers, video doorbells and alarms
– Eye-control or voice-control solutions for poor hand control
– Help with low-vision situations

Making it work

Most people already have most of the equipment they need. Often, it just needs to be installed correctly or connected properly to other items. Imogen provides solid technical backup for:

– Android and Apple smartphones, and big-button phones like the Doro
– iPads and other tablets
– Environmental control devices
– Alexa Echo and Google Assistant
– Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows computers

If you need new equipment, help with pricing and how to order what will work for you is presented with clear, costed alternatives.

Patient teaching –
key to success

Imogen is a trained teacher who can work with you until you're comfortable with your technology and what it can do for you.
– Custom training exercises
– Patient repetition until it makes sense to you
– Automation of routine tasks to simplify them
– Help keeping software up to date

Wifi and websites too

It can be hard knowing what options may be available to get good Internet in rural Ireland but practical help is here…

– Get your Wifi speed checked
– Could a change in Internet supplier help?
– But don’t believe all those high speed adverts...
– Sometimes an inexpensive external aerial is all you need

Do you need help with content, changes or design for a website?
Imogen can work with you to keep things simple, inexpensive and easy to update.

Forgot to mention gardens!

Imogen is an RHS-qualified gardener who can help with:
– Maintenance and tidying
– Plant choices and practical planting
– Design and management of landscaping tasks
Local references available.

I'm delighted that I can now use Alexa to control my TV and radio with my voice.
It's also helping improve my breath control and means I have a little bit more independence.


Imogen's brilliant with computer thickies. We tackle different problems week by week.
Sometimes little things – like how to get capital letters and turn them off – make a big difference.
I can do emojis now, and play Spotify on the bluetooth speaker.


I don't know how she doesn't lose it with me sometimes, but she's patient
and can save you so much time. I got locked out of my hotmail account and she got it working again!


Imogen saved us hours of frustration and helped us back everything up
before making any changes, so we didn't lose anything at all in the end.


I often work in places where I can't make any noise or where the signal is bad and sometimes this meant I'd miss enquiries.
Now I get them all - but this means some of my best excuses are gone!